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The first book on treating tic disorders without standard drugs.

“A triumph and an indispensable guide.” (see reviews)

This groundbreaking book will give you ...

  • Tips and ideas from experts who have successfully used alternatives to treat tic disorders. Instead of searching in the dark, you can try methods that others found useful;
  • Detailed reports of the latest medical research and trends, revealing the science behind these new discoveries;
  • Inspiring stories from families who conquered tics and Tourette’s and have improved the quality of their lives with natural approaches;
  • Fresh insights into the role of the immune system in tic disorders, offering you new hope for healing;
  • A unique checklist of the most common triggers that cause or aggravate tics, dramatically changing the way you deal with symptoms;
  • Handy, practical worksheets to keep you focused as you investigate causes and best therapies;

TO ORDER: See or request from your local bookstore. Distributed by Random House.

SECOND EDITION 2008: The new version has an expanded reference section and some related research updates. However, it is not substantially different from the first edition as that material remains timely and relevant.

Natural Treatments for Tics & Tourette's